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Welcome to the CRAFTfest Booking Area

To take part in one of our events you must complete one of our booking forms.

If you feel that you need extra assistance in setting up your stall please email us for more stall options.


Bringing Crafters together from around the World
e.g Mystic Earth


1 x weekend = £5

2-5 weekends £5 plus £3.50 per market.

All 6 weekends = £20

By booking a stall I confirm that I have understand the CRAFTfest Terms and Conditions


CRAFTfest Christmas Markets Stall Booking Form

Why are we different from other online events?

Join in or host crafty chats during the events in the Community Chatroom.

If you are not a member of Creative Connections you must have a free account to take part in CRAFTfest. You can do this here http://www.creative-connections.ning.com

Please check the email address that you have provided for confirmation of your booking. Please read your confirmation email as it will include an information form where you can submit the market dates that you would like to participate in and also provide us with details that we need to include you in the events.

Christmas Market Dates:

1st and 2nd November

8th and 9th November

15 and 16th November

22nd and 23rd November

29th and 30th November

6th and 7th December