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Welcome to the CRAFTfest Booking Area

To take part in one of our events you must complete one of our booking forms.

If you feel that you need extra assistance in setting up your stall please email us for more stall options.


Bringing Crafters together from around the World

After booking your stall:



e.g Mystic Earth e.g. Healing Gemstone & Crystal Jewellery.

Stall Price Conversion for International Participants

Category List Price increase  Information

Book for CRAFTfest and get a free Blog Tour Stop Spot!

More info …

I have read all of the information on the CRAFTfest site


The booking forms for our May event are now CLOSED!
CRAFTfest Standard Stall Booking Form

Please note that we cannot guarantee you sales during the event. CRAFTfest is an interactive experience with a whole community joining together and promoting each other. We do not do all of the advertising ourselves, it is up to the seller to promote themselves and their fellow members.

Due to the huge amount of work involved in hosting CRAFTfest  there will be a charge of £10 per stall. This money will go towards site and admin costs. (Price increase information from Nov 2013)

By purchasing a stall at CRAFTfest  you will also be supplied with:

Each form represents ONE stall, you may have as many stalls as you like but must complete forms for each one.

All badges/flyers etc will be available for you to download, and read from the Internet along with guidelines on creating your stall. Grab your promotional material here. Guidelines for taking part in CRAFTfest  can be found here.

Please read these carefully. It will give you all the information and links required to successfully set up your CRAFTfest stall!

All stall links will need to be submitted by 9am Monday 12th May 2014   (You will be able to add and edit your stalls right up until the week itself.)

If you are not a member of Creative Connections you must have a free account to take part in CRAFTfest. You can do this here http://www.creative-connections.ning.com


You will receive a special promotional code to download your copy in your CRAFTfest welcome email.