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How does CRAFTfest  work?

During the event there will be specially created stalls pages with all businesses split into their different categories. Potential customers then click on your link and browse your album.

Your  Avatar

Along with your link, a small picture is going to be on the main stalls page too. So you will need to email a square photo that you would like on the main stalls page. It can be your logo or one of your items, it’s entirely up to you, but it MUST be square, and at least 150x150 pix. Non square images will be cropped, and smaller image will be put onto a white background. Please click here, for more avatar information on where to send it.

Your Album

You can update your album right up to event itself and throughout the week, if you sell an item or would like to add products or amend product descriptions.

It is really easy to do:

1. Go back to My Page.

2. This time click on My Photos on the left hand side.

3. Along the top toolbar you’ll see an Add + button.

4. You can upload as many photos as you want, or do them one at a time it’s entirely up to you. It might help if you create a folder on your computer with all the items you want going in your album so they are all in one place.

5. When you have selected your photos, click on the upload button.

6. The title for each photo needs to be what the item is.

7. The description needs to include -

If you have an online shop, whether it’s folksy, etsy, wowthankyou, ebay or your own website, the link needs to be directed to where people can buy it from, NOT just a link to your stores homepage. You don’t want people having to look for your item as it may put them off buying it. It is really important that the URL works as well, please make sure you check them. CRAFTfest  takes no responsibility for your URL’s not working. Each photo needs to have all the above information, as people might not check your whole album, just the photo that they are interested in.

TIP: If you can, try linking the item to the category on your page. We have found that sellers have found this hugely successful, and that buyers may purchase more than just the item they were looking at on your albums. Just make sure that the album link still goes to the page where they can still purchase their original item.

8. Underneath where you put this info there is a box that says: “Choose an existing album” You can then       choose to  put that photo in your CRAFTfestalbum

Changing the order of your photos:

1. Go back to your CRAFTfest album

2. If you click on a photo you can drag it around to change the order

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